the E2M Economic Community

With E2M, simple actions by individuals can transform communities. Begin transforming your community now.

Using your purchasing power to transform your community:

Most people would like to have a hand in making their communities a better place to live, work, raise a family, and have fun. But many well-intentioned people are simply too overworked, overwhelmed, and overburdened to become involved in building the community they truly desire. The E2M Economic Community creates new opportunities for all community members, regardless of time or financial constraints, to take simple actions to transform their communities and their lives.

Simple, everyday actions can help.

Purchasing goods and services is one of the most routine yet most powerful actions we take every day because with each dime spent, we cast an economic vote. We cast political votes every few years, but we each cast hundreds of economic votes daily through our purchases. In America, purchases of goods and services by individuals total $9 trillion ($9,000,000,000,000) each year. Currently, many of those purchase dollars support corporations whose primary goal is to produce maximum profits and growth for their relatively few stockholders. As a result, we have a society with great concentrations of wealth and unacceptable disparities in economic opportunity, education, health care, and other resources that should be accessible to everybody in a healthy society. It is absolutely unacceptable that a growing number of our elderly spend their "golden years" under stress from increasing debt and decreasing security and that one in five American children goes to bed hungry!

To address these issues and transform our society, we must establish a new economic network where consumers create community wealth and economic power by shopping at businesses that contribute a portion of their profits and equity to their communities. This is what E2M does.

How does E2M work?

The E2M Economic Community consists of three main elements: the general public (we call them “the community”); the E2M Regional Economic Council (REC); and E2M affiliated businesses. E2M affiliated businesses contribute a portion of their profits and/or equity to the community and may set aside additional profits and/or equity to be shared with or purchased by their employees. The REC is a 24-member body of community members who decide how best to use the funds the community receives from E2M affiliated businesses. To see the relationships between the three main elements, click on the ‘E2M Diagram’ link on the menu.

By purchasing goods and services—one of our simplest everyday actions—from E2M affiliated businesses, or by purchasing E2M brand products, we can guarantee that these businesses will grow and provide a significant and steady flow of wealth to our communities. This wealth is used to create a truly healthy community and invest in even more E2M businesses. E2M enables consumers to concentrate their purchasing power to create the wealth communities need to transform our society.