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The E2M Economic Community is designed so that even simple actions by everyday community members can create profound positive changes in our society, economy, and environment.

Purchasing goods and services is one of the simplest yet most powerful actions we take every day because with each dime spent, we cast an economic vote. We may cast a few political votes each year, but we cast hundreds of economic votes daily through our purchases. These votes can create a bright and sustainable future for our communities if they are cast for business enterprises that contribute financially to their communities.

E2M certified companies contribute a portion of their profits and/or equity to their communities through the Regional Economic Council. In return, community members must use the power of their economic vote to support E2M certified companies and E2M branded products whenever possible.

By clicking the link below and signing the E2M Pledge of Support, you can join a growing group of people who are committed to supporting E2M companies and products. This simple action on your part will create a powerful incentive for new or existing businesses to become E2M certified. It will also demonstrate the growing interest in E2M to other community members, elected officials, investors, educators, and others who may he helpful in expanding the E2M Economic Community.

Sign the E2M Pledge of Support

Donate - Make a financial contribution to the ongoing development of the E2M Economic Movement

Help More - Three more ways to get involved with E2M