Empowering communities by creating community wealth

There is a growing consensus among people of all backgrounds that current strategies for solving our social, economic, and environmental problems are simply not working. People everywhere are looking for new and refreshing solutions that will allow our economic system to better serve the common good. E2M, a community conscious economic model, provides the solutions they seek.

The E2M economic model creates the infrastructures that allow local communities to become more economically powerful and self-sustaining. Using the E2M model, communities can create as much wealth as they need to solve the social, economic, and environmental problems they face.

E2M.org is already creating the first E2M regional model in Western Massachusetts. As other regions establish independent E2M infrastructures, they too can empower themselves economically. As these regions build community wealth, they may act independently to address their local problems, or act collectively to address broader social and environmental concerns and create the economic changes necessary to ensure a bright and sustainable future.

It is absolutely possible... for communities to become as economically powerful as large corporations.

It is absolutely possible... to have a kinder, more compassionate and sustainable economic system.

It is absolutely possible... for the community to use capitalism to serve the public good.

It is absolutely possible... to create a commercial sector that will solve the socioeconomic and environmental problems of our time.

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