E2M for Investors

Healthy Returns from a Healthier World

Can you earn greater returns using an investment strategy based on sharing as much as possible rather than getting as much as possible?

Conventional wisdom says no. Conventional wisdom is wrong.
E2M can help you earn better returns and feel better about it.

For most investors, choosing investments that produce reliable and sustainable returns over long term periods is difficult. Most value investments guarantee returns, but provide very low growth, while growth investments require a higher tolerance for risk. In addition, the volatility of the stock market makes it challenging for prudent investors to find investments that can guarantee real, stable returns.

Many investors are wondering where they can invest their money to achieve results without the high levels of risk. A growing number of investors also demand that their investment capital be used in a socially responsible manner. Socially responsible investing (SRI) is a very rapidly growing segment of the investment community, having increased from $595 billion dollars in 1997 to $2.4 trillion in 2004.

The E2M Economic Community provides sustainable, reliable, and responsible investment opportunities. Because E2M companies share their equity with their communities and employees, the community has a greater stake in the success of E2M companies. E2M businesses are the only investment opportunity in which consumers have a vested interest in the company from whom they purchase!

The greater the success of an E2M business, the more they share with their communities. The more the community receives from E2M companies, the greater their interest in the success of the business. The E2M model promises strong profits for companies, which translates into real, reliable returns for those who invest in E2M companies.

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